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When it comes to the most popular roofing materials, Asphalt shingles lead the way from the front. Not less that almost 90% of roofs here in Canada is covered in asphalt. Such is its popularity which is growing every day. This roofing material is available in two forms basically, i.e. rolls and shingles. You have the options to choose from a wide range of shapes, colors which are there with varying thickness. Asphalt shingles have a long life span and they come covered with manufacturer’s warranties for almost 25 to 30 years. On general terms, the longer the warranty for these asphalt shingles are, the heavier and thicker they would be.

As mentioned above the almost 90% of the market is lead by asphalts, the rest of it is divided among all the other alternatives. They are combined with traditional materials viz. clay tile, slate, sheet metal, wood shake etc. Interestingly, there are some of the new roofing alternatives which include the materials like solar energy shingles, high tech polymer membranes, spray on foam and green or grass roofs etc. However, it’s all about your choice and utility, yet the traditional materials are generally boasted of retaining the original and natural appearance and design sense of an older home. It might be your choice, if you are looking for something classy with a touch of traditional design. The new roofing materials like asphalts have their own elegance that give bring a modern design of your dream to the fore. New roofing materials are commonly purchased with a view to conserve energy and or to reduce the costs ultimately.

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