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Besides being a handy addition to your house, a chimney brings a slew of responsibilities. However, they are one of the underestimated and undermined features of the house that requires regular maintenance. Whether your kitchen has a wood-burning stove, fireplace, or gas, a routine inspection of your chimney is a prerequisite.
Not inspecting the kitchen equipment can result in damages. If you’re someone who hasn’t had any idea of chimney maintenance before and is currently facing problems, you can consult our Jaz Roofing Ltd team of Chimney repair in Chilliwack.

Signs When You Can Consult Us

At Jaz Roofing Ltd, we understand kitchen frustrations can demotivate a homeowner’s confidence. And as a result, skipping multiple chimney inspections may damage the machine. That’s when we come into the forefront. If you think you need our Chimney repair services in Chilliwack, ensure that you are experiencing any of the following signs.

1. Creosote

Whether you are burning pellets, gas, or wood, the smoke goes up & creosote develops in varying types. They may cause a dangerous fire when kept unaddressed. Surveys claim that creosotes are a major cause of why hundreds of chimney fires occur each year.

2. Damaged Mortar

Did you install your chimney on the brick, mortar, or stone to do away with moistures? It won’t matter if the mortar is on its crown or in the middle of the brick and stones. Tuckpointing is a method that we may perform for you. During this procedure, we tend to remove the damaged mortar and replace it with the new mortar.

3. Spalling or Cracked Bricks

Unnoticed brick chimneys may crumble, lean, and even collapse. Bricks get damaged with time. And it’s common to see spalling and cracked bricks on the chimney. However, they may become damaged and need replacement. Consult us, and we will guide you whether your chimney requires a replacement or not. At Jaz Roofing Ltd, our professionals of Chimney repair in Chilliwack have years of experience restoring damages.

4. Cracks in Your Chimney Flue

Inspecting the chimney flue without a camera might be a complex task. But Jaz Roofing Ltd has the right gear to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the chimney flue. That way, we check whether the area has any stress areas, holes, or cracks. If we find areas of concern during the inspection, we’ll definitely work on correcting, repairing, and decaying damaged mortar joints.

5. Missing or Bad Chimney Caps & Chase Covers

Chimney caps & chase covers can protect the chimney’s top from animals, debris, and moisture. With time, both chase covers and chimney caps need replacements. If you want to know whether they need a replacement, you need to consult us. Our team of Chimney repair in Chilliwack will guide you with a comprehensive solution.

6. Obstructions

Obstructions or blockage might get caused by multiple things. Most importantly, the chimney blockage can be dangerous and allow toxic fumes like carbon monoxide into the home. If you think there are obstructions in the chimney, contact our professional team of Chimney repair services in Chilliwack.
Just in case you use the fireplace more often, you might need multiple inspections both after and before the winter. You can consult us if you see signs of the contained chimney fire, including the aforementioned ones. Whenever you notice these issues, you can contact our team that offers top-notch Chimney repair services in Chilliwack.

Why Choose Us?

We are a competent team of experts who handle Chimney repair in Chilliwack. Given below are the qualities of our team:

  • We are a certified team of experts handling your chimney repair problems
  • We implement customer-centric services with superior quality
  • Our first job is to inspect your chimney and then discover the areas where repair is involved
  • We have personalized solutions for each of our customers
  • We provide competitive pricing and ensure speedy delivery
  • We identify & eliminate moisture from your interior walls
  • We cement the chimney crown and protect it from the damages caused by snow or rain
  • We complete chimney rebuilds

If you think your chimney requires an immediate inspection, contact us at Jaz Roofing Ltd. Check what services we bring on offer via our website.

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